TRIMUI Model S supports Original Games and Retro Games.

  • Original Games: Trimui Model S has built in 3 games. Please keep focus on for more original games. We will release new original game every several weeks.
  • Retro Games: Trimui Model S can run 10 types of Emulators, you can try running your own roms in retro platform emulators. We suggest no-intro serial romset.

Retro Emulator Platform List:

  • ARCADE: Mame
  • NEO: SNK NeoGeo MVS
  • FC: Nintendo Famicom
  • SFC: Nintendo Super Famicom
  • MD: SEGA MegaDrive
  • SMS/GG: SEGA SystemMaster/GameGear
  • PCE: NEC PC Engine
  • GB/GBC: Nintendo Gameboy/Gameboy Color
  • GBA: Nintendo Gameboy Advance
  • PS: Sony Playstation (PSX Gen1)

If you have got a good generated SD for TRIMUI, just plug into TRIMUI Model S, refresh roms and run. However, if you have just an empty SD card, there are 2 way for you to make a runnable SD card:

1. You can burn any standard RetroArch base SD card image into your SD card, the folder struct like this:

Example SD burning images download Links (Shared from Internet)

RetroArch for RG350:

RetroArch for RG350 link2:

RetroPie for Raspberry Pi:

2. You can try the trimui SD card dump from other user (thanks to hkzcplayer).

Every Retro platforms use specified file extensions

  • ARCADE: file format: zip, using romset mame 0.126 / FBA
  • NEO: file format: zip, using romset gngeo
  • FC: file format: nes, fds, unf, unif
  • SFC: file format: smc, sfc, gd3, gd7, dx2, bsx, swc, fig
  • MD: file format: gen, md, smd, bin
  • SMS/GG: file format: sms, gg, rom, sg
  • PCE: file format: pce
  • GB/GBC: file format: gb, gbc, bin
  • GBA: file format: gba, agb, gbz
  • PS: file format: pbp, iso, cue+bin, ccd

TRIMUI Model S had built in 128MiB SLC Flash for TRIMUI Operating System. The System Just contains base launcher, 3 builtin Games and system updater. If you want to install more games and applications, you have to use external SD card.

The first time you want install a new empty SD card, please follow these steps:

1.Check your SD card, backup your SD card.

2. Format the SD card in FAT32

3.Plug SD card into the TRIMUI Model S device , wait for the on-screen loading complete. Then you can remove SD card and check it with USB SD card Reader in PC.

4.The machine will generate some folders in SD card.

5.You can put roms and preview-pictures in these folders. Roms put in“Roms”, pictures put in Imgs. In this two folders, there are folders named by emulator platform.

6.Example: I want to play FC game “ABCD”, get your rom“ABCD.nes”, copy into SD card folder: “/Roms/FC/ABCD.nes”.If you want to show preview picture, copy picture file to “/Imgs/FC/ABCD.png”.

7.Safety eject you USB card reader, remount the SD card to TRIMUI Model S device and browse to SETTINGS, select refresh roms.

The Answer is YES.

TRIMUI System supports many other SD contents made for popular distributions.

Just like:

RecalBox, (Open Source Boards/ OrangePI/Odroid)

RetroPie, (Raspberry Pi)

LAKKA, (PSV/NSwitch/Other TV boxes)

Libreelec, (TV boxes)

OpenDingux/Gmenu2X (Handheld console, Dingo/RG350/Bittboy )

You can easily copy the SD contents from other SD cards from these machines, and plug into TRIMUI Model S, refresh roms and run.

  1. Please try Refresh roms in SETTINGS
  2. Please check SD card format fat32
  3. Sometimes he SD card had unknown partitions, you can try Fat32Formatter software.
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